Testimonials from courses taught by Jane Styer-Acevedo, PT, DPT, C/NDT


“The Role of Dynamic Surfaces for Promoting Fun and Functional Shifts in Clients with Neuromotor Challenges”     North Lakes, Queensland, AU    8/31 – 9/2/16

“This course was fantastic. It really gave me a renewed understanding of the way our bodies move for function and to participate. I have come away with a transformed concept of how dynamic and different surfaces can be incorporated to assist with addressing specific goals.”            Anonymous

“For a 3-day course I felt that the content was very comprehensive and whilst I would have loved more, it was sufficient to really build my confidence + skills in working on dynamic surfaces. What a fun way to learn.”                       Sarah, PT

“Jane is an absolute legend un the NDT realm, but is so down to earth and easy to learn from – repetition is no problem for her which really impacted positively on my learning.”         Kate, OT

“Jane is excellent in creating/fostering a culture of interactive learning and sharing. I have gained a lot that I will take away and put into practice immediately at work.”          Fleur, PT

“Jane was so approachable and made me feel comfortable to ask question or ask to have techniques shown again.”       Fiona, PT

“This was my first paediatric course of any sort and it was an excellent introduction to NDT theories with plenty of practical components that allowed me to broaden my treatment ideas around the use of dynamic surfaces.”     Shannon, PT

“Jane is an excellent presenter and teacher. The course was always engaging and very relevant to everyday practice in therapy.”       Patrick, PT

“This is a great course to develop new and novel treatment strategies. Jane is a fantastic teacher as well as therapist.”   Carla, PT

“The dynamic surfaces workshop has helped me to appreciate value of a moving surface to increase activation, challenge and engagement as well as the tools to implement this in my clinic.”   Anonymous


5-Day NDT Advanced Handling and Problem Solving Course     San Jose, CA   8/3-7/16

Thank you so much! This course helped me gain confidence in my current skills, pushed me to learn new skills and consider alternate treatment strategies. And I am excited to put it all together in my continued goal for myself to provide my clients with focused, engaging and fun sessions that will help them achieve the things that will put spark in their lives!


  • [I] appreciate flexibility in the course and being able to work with different practicum kids (learning experience enhanced)
  • Gained increased knowledge through demonstration discussions, lectures, demos, and practicum labs.
  • Great balance to engaging different components of learning.

Ji Young


Handling Intensive to Improve Core Stability Toward Functional Goals: June 26 – 27, 2016. Lakewood, NJ

“I wanted to thank you again for the course and instruction last week.  Right away I was able to apply many of the techniques you taught, and in many cases I saw some great results.  I had thought one of the techniques would not apply to my caseload, but I tried it and found it to be very useful and successful.  Thank you for again expanding my “toolbox.”

Dan, PT

Going Out on a Limb! Postural Control for Functional Skill Use: June 17-18, 2016. Columbia, MO

  • The instructor was Very engaging and did a wonderful job of eliciting critical thinking
  • Jane is a Very effective and affirming educator
  • going home with strategies to immediately implement with my patients.
  • The instructor was Very engaging and did a wonderful job of eliciting critical thinking
  • this course helped me gain a wonderful understanding of basic NDT and learn practical techniques to use in my practice.

Making Therapy Fun! Using Therapeutic Aquatics for Functional Gains in Pediatrics    Pittsburgh, PA    May 21-22, 2016

Jane, You did a fabulous job here!  PT’s are very excited about the information you presented.  … she said that the course “opened their eyes to how PT’s could help with breathing and assist SLP goals”  WOW!  So appreciate what you have done here!

  • Great course. I feel like there is now a lot more justification and rationale of how aquatics can help facilitate functional goals.
  • Jane offers practical and “fun” treatment strategies to utilize in the pool to promote strengthening and mobility.
  • Really enjoyed learning how to better organize my sessions and goals for the pool. Also enjoyed/appreciated the more SLP (speech) –related outcomes as a PT.
  • As always, Jane’s courses are always well organized and informative – a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to her expertise.
  • This is the second time I have taken this course. The 2nd time was a wonderful review and ways to progress upon the topics I already use. I can honestly say I have used more of these skills than any other course I have taken. I have used and retained these skills for the last five years since first taking the course.


Functional Changes Through Therapeutic Aquatics Niles, IL March 10-11, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful course last week!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to learn from someone who I felt truly understood and had a passion for the population I work with. I might be biased, but I think they deserve the very best of everything. So I am extremely grateful to have new tools that might help them. Your course gave me a lot to reflect on, and I know it will change my practice for the better.


Paediatric Certificate Class in Goa, India January – February 2016  

  • Jane Styer-Acevedo is a very good teacher. She changed my life after NDTA my thinking and all. I am so happy to have a good teacher like her in NDTA… 🙂
  • Jane was amazing with the facilitation strategies. She modified adjuncts to meet the Indian population and was very nice to watch.
  • An excellent instructor and a wonderful clinician. She showed clarity in her concepts and treatment demos with a very good understanding of the needs of the class and the clients.
  • She is the best teacher I have ever met. Her concepts towards NDT are crystal clear and I want to be like her. Thank you very much Jane
  • I am too happy that Jane was my instructor. She is a perfect professional in her job. She was perfect in answering all of our questions. She respects all the religions. Has an excellent attitude towards other people.
  • Jane is a highly knowledgable and extremely skilled therapist, and an amazing, talented and wonderful instructor. It was a pleasure to be a part of her class.
  • The NDTA certification course under Jane-Styer Acevedo with Kim Westhoff and Therese Mc-Dermott has not only changed me as a therapist but also has made me realize the importance of looking at kids we treat as “kids” who want to play, who want to move and who want to learn as much as we are eager at wanting them to achieve more! The entire duration of 45 days has changed the way I set up for therapy…its now more play and fun with therapy; the goals are more SMART…and I am more happy at the end of it all since I see a visible change in the child and in myself! Thank you for the wonderful experience i.e. NDT! Thanking you, Regards,  Denissia D’Souza
  • It has been a week that I returned to practice … and it’s a huge difference in my performance.. with less effort I am getting better results. In my work, efficiency has also increased. Now i can treat more patients than before and more effectively.. Well as you said after NDT , life changes.. Yes my life has changed a lot..and I am very happy now..even my hubby is also happier..             Krutika
  • I am missing you, Kim, Therese and the entire class. It’s almost going to be a month since we graduated and it feels great to be back to work as well. I am habituated to have a session goal and to have treatment plan ready at the back of the mind.Though it becomes difficult at times when I don’t get the desired outcome and then it reminds me of you to maybe alter the direction of input or the key point of contact. But I see children coming back with some carry over and small functional shifts..and it feels wonderful.         Khushbu
Australia Currimundi School in QL 2014
Absolutely fantastic learning opportunity and so wonderful that this was accessible to rural/regional physios (PTs)
A fantastic fun and thorough course to guide critical thinking for planning and delivering an optimal aquatic therapy session


Aquatics Class in AU:
Jane, I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic class! I changed the structure of my Aqua Buddy class to encorporate NDT strategies and the outcome was incredible. The kids and parents both provided me with positive feedback! You know there is something there when you can see visible differences within one session!! I have been re-energized and I can hardly wait until I get in the water next!!
Most Greatful,
Kelly Konrad

Paediatric Certificate Class in Goa, India 2014

NDT Certification course was a life changing experience for me to evolve as a confident therapist to spread a word about NDT in other therapists, physicians and families which will help in Early intervention which has always been my goal in life. Hope we always work as a team for spreading happiness in our special kids. The efforts and credits to make a strong team of therapists goes to Jane Styer-Acevedo. Thanks a ton for changing so many lives .
Gauri Kamat Wagh

The NDT 2014 course has been a “fantabulous” experience. The knowledge was very well given to us, so that we could integrate it. In 6 weeks, we were so beautifully taught and the information was very beautifully presented. You have helped me lay a concrete foundation for me to treat the pediatric population. Thank you very, very much Jane!!!
Bansi Dedhia
NDT 2014 (Goa) course has been an absolute eye opener for me. It has changed my entire perspective on handling and treating children. I have become more interactive with children and more aware about their potential for change. Treatment planning has been immensely helpful in leading me directly to goal orented treatment. The aquatic therapy course was extremely useful and beautifully presented. Thank you Jane for being such a wonderful teacher and giving us an experience of a lifetime!
Brinda Merchant

Pediatric Certificate Class in Goa, India 2013

I completed the NDT Certificate course under Jane Styer-Acevdeo, in Goa, India 2013. The course has transformed my professional life and has ever changed the quality of therapeutic care in children whom I support. The course was a rigorous six weeks of training but Jane made it extremely comfortable and easier with her optimism, constructive feedback, endless support, inculcating self-belief, seamless therapeutic ideas and tons of fun which are truly memorable. I was awe-struck by the body of information and clinical reasoning skills she possess. Despite difficulties, weakness and different learning level of the participants, she never discouraged us but ensured that everyone became effective and efficient NDT Practitioners at the end of the course. I believe that is an incredible quality of a great teacher.
Anonymous, Goa, India, 2013

Certificate Class in Goa 2012

I would love to share that Jane has a bunch of knowledge with all qualities of honorable teacher who knows how to identify therapist’s strengths and weaknesses with warmness and a more gentle way, to make them multi-tasking NDT therapist. She tries to help each and every therapist to be more focused, confident, and organized during assessment and treatment of the patients. One more thing is that she helps to improve our early intervention, observations, and problem solving skills by encouraging us with positive feedback. In brief, the course is informative with incredible surprises in the form of knowledge, assessment and treatment demonstrations, treatment strategies, and is lots of fun, too. Hence, Jane has changed my perspective towards patients professionally as well as personally.

Certificate Class in Detroit, Michigan 2010

I had previously taken 3-day courses from an NDT-approach. Coming to this class has completely changed the way I treat and approach therapy. This class has allowed me to make important, life-changing functional improvements in childrens’ lives allowing them to live a happier life. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Jane is a wonderful, caring, and intelligent instructor who fosters a supportive & fun learning environment.
— Anonymous

This course has been an amazing experience that has allowed me the opportunity to grow as a physical therapist. Jane gave me the knowledge of NDT which in turn gave me the ability to better assess my patients in a way that will continually allow them to achieve their greatest functional outcomes possible. I honestly look forward to taking more continuing education courses in NDT from Jane.
Ilene Crabtree, DPT Detroit

The NDT “8 Week” is so much different than any 3 or 5 day course. I learned some techniques form the weekend courses – but not the “why or how” it works. Also working on children with instructors present is so much more beneficial to the learning experience. Many differences to treating the clients now – I think in a new way to activate core/posture/alignment. -my clients probably would agree they have to work harder now – as I am not holding them “up by their bones!”
Anonymous (Detroit)

 My approach to clients has definitely changed and I see more and faster successes because of it. As an SLP, it was a challenging course, however, my clients have benefitted greatly from this approach and its amazing to see the changes that I can bring to them.

NDT has taught me to refocus on what is important to my patient. The NDT approach gives me the tools I need to facilitate my children to reach their highest potential. Through my handling, choice of environment and by increasing expectations, the children I work with have increased functional independence and have accomplished tasks no one ever thought possible.

The NDT Approach gave me a place to start with my patients, especially those that are more involved and difficulty to treat. I also learned a wide variety of treatment strategies that can be adapted or expanded to meet a specific child’s need. My treatment sessions are more focused & much more productive, focusing on things that are important to the family and child. My patients are making more gains functionally and are carrying over those skills week to week. The course was very challenging and intense, but worth the final outcome.

This course has changed me as a therapist. I better understand dysfunction, assessment, and treatment, and feel I am a stronger therapist. It has increased my personal goals for myself & also goals I have professionally. I hope to influence my families & clients with my new passion for NDT by showing them progression & achieving functional goals! I have met other professionals that I can collaborate with all over the country. Truly a wonderful & meaningful experience!

NDT has helped me to see my clients differently, in subtle ways. For example, I may pay more attention to alignment and activation of postural muscles, or I may recognize subtle movements that lead me to understand the whole child better. I have become motivated, more so than before taking the NDT Certificate course, to set session-specific functional outcomes so that progress can be measured more specifically. It was a great opportunity for me, after working for 9 years in pediatrics, to sharpen my skills and benefit from instruction & mentoring from experienced C/NDT clinicians!
Kara Lardinois

The greatest asset I am taking from this course is the assessment/observational skills and problem-solving approach to functional tasks. Figuring out the essential components needed really guides your treatment strategies resulting in more direct addressing of impairments. By following this treatment approach I have seen amazing functional shifts that have provided our patients with more confidence and self-esteem that have created tears and smiles for their families.

After being trained in NDT, I am incredibly thankful that I took the course! I feel that my treatment sessions have now gotten much more organized with a true focus on specific impairments directly related to each & every individual patient & their functional outcome. It has made me a better therapist as I continue to grow in my profession.
Kristen Bielecki, MPT

The NDT Certificate course has been a very valuable experience. From the first day I was challenged to improve my evaluation & intervention skills. Our course instructor demonstrated a clear passion for NDT and the impact therapists can have in the lives of children and their families.

I tried to take this course twice but moved to another state and had a course get cancelled before finally being able to take the class. The 8 week class was very difficult for me initially because I had some difficulty with concepts, new terminology, and understanding the process. The instructors all were super accommodating and not only helped me understand but gave me a new passion for the NDT/Bobath approach. It was a challenge for me initially but I have gained such stregnth in my own treatment skills it was one of the greatest life success stories for me.
Ann McLafferty, MS, OTR/L

This course has proved to be the most valuable educational opportunity during my 11 year career as a PT. I have gained the skills, knowlede and confidence to apply so many new techniques to all of my patients. My patients and their families have really noticed the difference NDT has made in thier functional abilities and I have observed such a positive difference in each treatment session. Jane was/is a phenomenal instructor. She is personable, knowledgeable, synamic, professional and a wonderful mentor and teacher. She made an intensive 8 week course interactive and so much fun. I’m sad it flew by so quickly!
Stacy, PT

I completed the NDT Certificate course in Detroit in 2010. The knowledge and experience I have gained has been life changing. I know that I can make a positive impact in the quality of life of the children I treat.This course has given me increased confidence & enthusiasm.
Kathy Falasco, MPT